The Southwest Virginia Heritage Guide lists museums, archives, libraries, resource organizations, and historical sites related to the regionís history and folk culture.

What is the role of heritage?

The role of heritage is invaluable because it carries a cognitive, educational, scientific, and aesthetic burden. The modern life of every country is inconceivable without cultural heritage. Cultural heritage is of great importance today because it reflects man's real life for many centuries of society. People's worldview, thoughts, feelings, and moral appearance gradually form a system of spiritual values, which will serve the aesthetic formation of personality in the future. It should be noted that the living conditions of people in different eras, cultural values of the people, class struggles, and outstanding historical events have served and continue to be a source of works of art and literature, were and are the most valuable material for artists in any field. Cultural heritage allows revealing the true essence of what happened in the past, raising the spiritual level of society, improving social conditions, and preserving people's cultural values. It influences people's consciousness - for this purpose, impressive typical images are used, characterized by the characteristic qualities of representatives of a particular era, as well as various artistic techniques. Every pupil and student must be aware and conscious, understand and appreciate their heritage. Therefore, the curriculum often has tasks such as why am I proud of my heritage essay. The most important requirements for a modern person's education level are a deep knowledge of professional orientation and the ability to competently, coherently, accessible, and beautifully formulate one's thoughts.

The guide on how to write an essay about cultural heritage

Writing a valuable essay is divided into the following stages:

  • Think about what might be the relevance of the stated topic. Highlight the key thesis and determine your position concerning it. Determine what theoretical concepts, scientific theories, and terms will help you reveal the essence of the thesis and your own position.
  • The next step is a sketch. Determine the desired scope and purpose of each component. Make a thesis plan, and formulate your thoughts and ideas. Create a frame of future work from the most successful thoughts.
  • Write an essay in draft form, adhering to the optimal structure. It is better to start with the main idea or catchy phrase. The goal is to grab the reader's attention right away.
  • The next step is a competent placement of accents: you concentrate the reader's attention of your essay on the most important points, in your opinion. Analyze the content of what you have written.

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